Old With Contrast

I have to say I like old things be it buildings or vehicles or any other object that is old, i really like things that are falling down when it comes to old buildings, it is sad to see old houses that stood majestic once over left to go to ruin but it does give a building a sort of a mysterious feel to it and makes you wonder what sort of people lived there before it was left and neglected how there lives were and what did they do. Anyway while out with the photo group I came across this old Massey Ferguson tractor that was behind a metal gate partly covered by a plastic sheet and hemmed in on the sides by a building and a wooden fence it had obviously been there for quite a while as you could see the green algae building up in the places where the sun could not reach the rust starting to attack the radiator grille where there was slight damage and over time slowly eating it’s way into the metal to leave scars of rust and it’s steering joints slowly seizing up through lack of use, how could I portray this in the image I took, make the image stand out with a bit of punch show the weathered look and hopefully a feeling of long ago forgotten and used. This is the image after I processed the Raw file

Standard Process

As much as it shows the tractor in it’s long forgotten state it just looks a little washed out and not really having any impact the orange hood has faded over time the orange has lost all of it’s original shine the grille just sitting there giving none of that strength from the damaged parts with the rust starting to eat into the paint and metal the grey just giving a uniform greyness overall the image is lacking impact.

High Contrast Look

So I decided to give the image a high contrast look to draw out the strong lines give the orange colour a bit of pop, make the grille stand out and try and draw the eye into the image and explore what you see make the name on the front stand out and try and make the image have that gritty dirty look as it saw it on that day.
So I opened the image in Adobe Bridge in the Raw panel, these are my setting :-
Contrast, Shadows and Clarity taken to the maximum 100+
Highlights -100
Blacks -45
Whites -58
Vibrance -23
Saturation -10
Then I opened the image in Photoshop ressed CTRL and J for a new layer and went into High Pass Sharpening and added Overlay to give it that not to sharp a look. Then converted to Jpeg.
And there is the finished image a one for me that seems to convey the rust and dirt of this once used tractor that now sits under an orange sheet never to be used again.




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