Saxon Church In Autumn Escomb

Escomb is situated two miles west of Bishop Auckland in the Wear Valley. The church was built around 675 AD with stone probably from the Roman Fort at Binchester. It was originally thought that the church was an offshoot of one of the local monasteries eg Whitby or Hartlepool but this is only one of several possibilities as there are no known records for the period.

I have wanted to visit the church at Escomb in Bishop Auckland for sometime now, it is only fifteen minutes from where I live give or take a few minutes but something else always came up so I saved a slot on Monday morning to go and visit the church. To gain access to the grounds of the church you have to go to a house where the keys are hanging outside to let yourself into the grounds and into the church, unfortunately I did not have time to photograph inside the church as a group of school children were expected at any time so I will be going back in the very near future to take some internal image.

Escomb Church B&W_SDI3453-4

Escomb Church_SDI3453-5

Escomb Church_SDI3452-3

Escomb Church_SDI3457-6


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