2015 ND (H)uro, Hamsterley Forest Round 1

So I attended my first Mountain bike race at Hamsterley forest on Sunday, not knowing what to expect or whether I would get any good pictures, and wondering if I would be able to get to a good section with enough light to save me using my flash gun on the camera.As with my disability problems can cause it hard work or impossible to get to certain places. I must say a big thank you to Karl of Northern Downhill the organizer, who after talking to told me of a place I could park with not to far to walk. The event was well attended and the action was great to watch as people battled round the course as fast as possible putting in huge effort to combat the different terrains and conditions.

NDH Hamsterley Forest_SDI4162-120

NDH Hamsterley Forest_SDI4049-10

NDH Hamsterley Forest_SDI4020-50

NDH Hamsterley Forest_SDI3989-22

NDH Hamsterley Forest_SDI3984-17

NDH Hamsterley Forest_SDI4212-162


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