Borderline UK Downhill RD2 Hamsterley Forest

The weather was not so kind as the Saturday started off with rain but managed to brighten towards the afternoon making the track quite muddy and slippy. Sunday race day was cloudy which made photographing quite difficult with the track mainly passing through enclosed forest with the available light being stopped by the trees finding a place to get good images was difficult, I eventually settled on a berm where there was less tree coverage and the light was able to get through. This is just a few images from the race.

Borderline DH Series RD-2 - SDIM5835-208 Borderline DH Series RD-2 - SDIM5654-30 Borderline DH Series RD-2 - SDIM5802-176 Borderline DH Series RD-2 - SDIM5741-116 Borderline DH Series RD-2 - SDIM5780-155 Borderline DH Series RD-2 - SDIM5834-207


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