Ard Rock TT North Yorkshire

What a beautiful place North Yorkshire is, with a lovely drive to the parking area for the MTB  race, but the walk to the event was not so nice. The scenery was great but the half hour walk up a very steep hill took it’s toll on me and then the walk to get some images just about finished me off, but looking on the bright side the views were fantastic. I only managed about an hour on the hill as my legs just decided to stop working and I knew if I didn’t come back down then I would be in real difficulty with my walking so a limited number of images were taken. I will return next year but will be better prepared and planned for such a walk as I know what I will have to deal with to get there.ARD ROCK - SDIM5958-90 ARD ROCK -SDIM5871-8 ARD ROCK -SDIM5879-16 ARD ROCK -SDIM5890-26 ARD ROCK -SDIM5921-54 ARD ROCK -SDIM5912-46


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