Forecast Heavy rain and reflections

Myself and my youngest son decided to have a look too the local BMX track, in the afternoon. As we travelled in the car getting closer to the track the skies were black and angry and it looked like they had already had heavy rain as the roads were covered in huge puddles. We decided to carry on and check out the track, once we arrived the track was wet with a few large puddles of water with the skies threading to open up again, but we decided to stay for a bit and have a ride around, taking a few pictures on my phone as he rode the Burms and curves. Always looking  for the image that will stand out from the rest having noticed a nice sized puddle I asked Neo to ride into the puddle and just sit as we waited for the water to settle and here we have the image quite pleased with it and we are planning another trip back with the camera to catch some more action orientated images 



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