First Model Shoot

So I did my first fashion and model shoot with xtraordinary photography run by Chris Ord, I am moving away from landscape photography as I am finding carrying all the gear needed across hills and other places is getting to much and having an adverse effect on my medical conditions. So after a long think of what area I would enjoy as much as I did with landscapes I settled on portrait and fashion, I wouldn’t say I was a person who has great confidence and able to approach people easily, but portrait photography I have done in the past I have really enjoyed and thought I need to step out my comfort zone and go after this as a new challenge and a way of moving my photography forward so a new chapter begins and once again I have managed to stop my medical conditions dictating to me how I live my life. A special thanks to the models, for their patience, the ladies who did the make up and hair, and a big thank you to Chris and Alexander Ord for all the help and advice with the photography on the day 



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