Outdoor Model Shoot

Another great workshop with Chris Ord of North Corner Studio, this time just outside the studio using flashguns to light the subjects to give dramatic lighting effects with tones and shadows and to show that you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to achieve great results.

Thank you to Models Jennifer and Saoirse, for their patience

The images were shot with a Sigma SD1 Merrill and 17-50 Lens and the NIkon D3200 with the 50mm 1.8 Prime Lens.

Jennifer_DSC0927-22 Jennifer_DSC0929-23 Jennifer_SDI7790-17 Jennifer_SDI7792-18 Jennifer_SDI7800-19 Jennifer_SDI7827-25Saoirse_DSC0887-12 Saoirse_DSC0900-13 Saoirse_DSC0908-14 Saoirse_DSC0911-15 Saoirse_DSC0916-16 Saoirse_SDI7802-20 Saoirse_SDI7803-21 Saoirse_SDI7815-24


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