I was very privileged to be the official photographer at the wedding of Paul and Laura which was to be held at the venue As You Like It, in Jesmond in Newcastle Upon Tyne. From the outside the place to be fair just looks like a giant office block, but when you walk through the doors that is when the magic happens and you are transported into a world of old world charm with glamour.

So I arrive a good hour before the actual wedding with cameras bags and beautiful assistant who just happens to be my wife, so I can get a feel for the set up and check lighting in the place to see how much flash I would have to use which turned out to be the whole day I thought this might be the case as I had done a recce of the venue a couple of months before to have a look around. So the groom arrives, later than expected as his transport was late picking him up but that is what happens at weddings or is that the bride being late. So we have a chat I capture a couple of pictures of him and the best man and have a chat with the gentleman performing the ceremony to see where i can stand and what I can do explaining that I would have to use flash because of the light and he said ” you can do what you want as long as Paul and Laura are happy with it” I told him that I had told them what I wanted to do and he said “that’s fine”. So we head back up the stairs as the guest are starting to arrive and use this opportunity to get a few images, as it is nearing the time for the bride to arrive everybody makes their way to the seating area and the wait for the bride begins and we wait people are getting a little concerned as the time passes, phone calls are made and eventually the bride arrives. In the words of the bride “it is fashionable for the bride to be late, but not when the bride is ready and the transport is late picking me up”, Anyway the transport eventually arrives and the bride looks stunning in her white dress, so a few images are taken upstairs then downstairs for the ceremony which passes without a hitch and a good day was had by all.

The wedding was Halloween themed due to being the day before.

Paul & Laura -SDIM7891-1 Paul & Laura -SDIM7896-2 Paul & Laura -SDIM8127-9 Paul & Laura -SDIM8125-8 Paul & Laura_DSC1364-11 Paul & Laura_DSC1362-10 Paul & Laura_DSC1351-4 Paul & Laura_DSC1349-3 Paul & Laura_DSC1344-4 Paul & Laura -SDIM7991-2 Paul & Laura -SDIM8125-8 Paul & Laura -SDIM8136-1 Paul & Laura -SDIM8154-3 Paul & Laura_DSC1340-1 Paul & Laura -SDIM7946-5 Paul & Laura -SDIM7943-3 Paul & Laura -SDIM7945-4 Paul & Laura -SDIM7954-6 Paul & Laura -SDIM7992-4 Paul & Laura -SDIM7901-1 Paul & Laura -SDIM7906-3 Paul & Laura -SDIM8141-2 Paul & Laura -SDIM7977-7


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