The first event of the year for Northern Downhill was held at Chopwell woods in the High Spen area, not far from Newcastle and Gateshead. After getting up early I was hoping for half decent weather as at this time of year you can’t hope for a lot, so looking out the window all I saw was a heavy mist and looking bitterly cold. So loaded the car with camera gear and set of  through the heavy mist and the temperature reading Minus 1, so was looking at a cold day with terrible weather which would make photographing challenging to say the least. As we started to get closer to the event the mist was lifting and we were greeted by blue sky even if the temperature had dropped to Minus 4.

The ground was hard and slippy and the air was cold but thoughts turned to getting the images and a good place to stand where I could get close but not put myself in danger of getting hit by a bike, so Section 2 was chosen and a section just of a small burm was chosen as giving a good view of the riders and offering some good photo opportunities.

So these are just a few images form the day.

Cyclefix - NDH - Chopwell_DSC1675Cyclefix - NDH - Chopwell_DSC1691Cyclefix - NDH - Chopwell_DSC1728Cyclefix - NDH - Chopwell_DSC1729CYCLEFIX - NDH _ CHOPWELL_DSC1910CYCLEFIX - NDH _ CHOPWELL_DSC1926CYCLEFIX - NDH _ CHOPWELL_DSC1939CYCLEFIX - NDH _ CHOPWELL_DSC1944CYCLEFIX - NDH _ CHOPWELL_DSC2121CYCLEFIX - NDH _ CHOPWELL_DSC2152



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