I was offered the chance to come and take some photographs at a local bands practice session, as I had said I was wanting to expand my music photography portfolio. This is just a few of the images from the session.

Band Members, Colin Lynch, Geoff Rose, Micky Pearson, Peter Atherton, Neil Nattris


Kamino -SDB_9787Kamino -SDB_9797Kamino -SDB_9722Kamino -SDB_9755Kamino -SDB_9633Kamino -SDB_9693Kamino -SDB_9542Kamino -SDB_9557Kamino -SDB_9589Kamino -SDB_9518Kamino -SDB_9526



Not To Little And Not To Much

f my wanders around the forest, I had walked this path many a time and just happened to glance to my right this one time to see this small amount of water cascading over the edge, so decided I would come back when the conditions were right for capturing it. Thing with waterfalls is they are either a small trickle due to lack of water or a massive torrent due to heavy amounts of rain. So I have been watching how much rain we have been having lately, so it rained last night again so I thought there would be a good chance that it would be flowing nicely, not a   torrent but a nice steady flow that would make for a good composition and a pleasing image, and I was not disappointed. I visited another waterfall in the forest that is quite well hidden which I have photographed before which was only a small trickle last time and this was flowing nicely as well. Only down side was I found out I had a split in my Muck Boots Wellies so ended up with a very wet foot, but a small price to pay for getting the image.

Hamsterley Forest Waterfall -SDIM9441
Newly discovered Waterfall wide angle shot.
Hamsterley Forest Waterfall -SDIM9432
Cascading down the rock face
Hamsterley Forest Waterfall -SDIM9463
Photographed again 

Home Studio

I think one of my biggest dilemmas has been do I need a studio to be successful. The answer is no it took me along time to figure out this most simple of questions really, I did a lot of internet searching on photographers and quite a lot use there homes as a studio clearing part of a room and setting up there backdrop and lights, it is easy to get drawn into to be professional you need a studio, don’t get me wrong one day I would like a studio and it would make life much easier having backdrops and whitewall and everything just ready to go, but sometimes you have to work with what you have. So I did my first family shoot and fancy dress shoot at my home. We decided to clear part of the lounge to set up the space was not huge but it was big enough to have a successful shoot and their is nothing like challenging yourself with a photoshoot of young children. I was told they would be shy when they first came in till they got used to me and relaxed, and then the fun began young children have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for doing things so it became quite a challenge to catch a nice pose or natural image of them when they were not bouncing and running around, fortunately the parents were on hand to help calm them down. I started by having my camera on the tripod but this turned out to be a mistake as by the time I had them in my view finder and adjusted they were doing something different. So the tripod was abandoned and hand held was was the option, it is nice to get images of children being themselves but it was nice to get some images of the children being calm, and you have to talk and look through the viewfinder at the same time to get the children to look at you as it only takes a split second to lose the chance of getting the image you see before they change expression or move. They say every photo shoot is an opportunity to learn and it certainly was I know what I would do different next time and you forget how much energy a 2 and 3yr old have especially since our own children are a lot older.

This is just a small selection from the two shoots I did with the girls and parents, for all the running round and excitement the photo shoots were a pleasure to do.

Sophia & Isabella -DSC_4737Sophia -DSC_4726Sophia -DSC_4942Sophia -DSC_5051Sophia -DSC_5075Family -DSC_4765Isabella & Sophia -DSC_4925Isabella & Sophia -DSC_5029Isabella -DSC_4950Isabella -DSC_5102










and. Another reason I decided to do a lot of my portrait work at home is to do with the fatigue of setting up a backdrop especially when it is vinyl and comes on an aluminum tube there is quite some weight in it and takes two to set up safely. I also use a pop up grey and blue backdrop that is large when expanded to say the least. I know they will fit in the space I have. Having a muscle condition makes the assembly tiring so at least at home I can set up the day before. Not all photo shoots require a backdrop set up, but for the ones that do I will mainly be working from home for now where

By The Seaside

There is something about being by the shoreline line that I find really magical and inspirational, I don’t know whether it comes from growing up next to the seaside. And now living in the countryside I appreciate the coastal scenery more now, something I probably took for granted when I lived there. I really love the early morning before any footprints arrive on the beach the sand being washed clean by the incoming and outgoing tide to start a fresh day. The sound of the waves as they roll up the beach and roll back out again having a sort of magical sound that helps me concentrate and find my inner creativity.

As The Sun Rises -SDIM0039Carbis Bay -SDIM0053


I was very privileged to be the official photographer at the wedding of Paul and Laura which was to be held at the venue As You Like It, in Jesmond in Newcastle Upon Tyne. From the outside the place to be fair just looks like a giant office block, but when you walk through the doors that is when the magic happens and you are transported into a world of old world charm with glamour.

So I arrive a good hour before the actual wedding with cameras bags and beautiful assistant who just happens to be my wife, so I can get a feel for the set up and check lighting in the place to see how much flash I would have to use which turned out to be the whole day I thought this might be the case as I had done a recce of the venue a couple of months before to have a look around. So the groom arrives, later than expected as his transport was late picking him up but that is what happens at weddings or is that the bride being late. So we have a chat I capture a couple of pictures of him and the best man and have a chat with the gentleman performing the ceremony to see where i can stand and what I can do explaining that I would have to use flash because of the light and he said ” you can do what you want as long as Paul and Laura are happy with it” I told him that I had told them what I wanted to do and he said “that’s fine”. So we head back up the stairs as the guest are starting to arrive and use this opportunity to get a few images, as it is nearing the time for the bride to arrive everybody makes their way to the seating area and the wait for the bride begins and we wait people are getting a little concerned as the time passes, phone calls are made and eventually the bride arrives. In the words of the bride “it is fashionable for the bride to be late, but not when the bride is ready and the transport is late picking me up”, Anyway the transport eventually arrives and the bride looks stunning in her white dress, so a few images are taken upstairs then downstairs for the ceremony which passes without a hitch and a good day was had by all.

The wedding was Halloween themed due to being the day before.

Paul & Laura -SDIM7891-1 Paul & Laura -SDIM7896-2 Paul & Laura -SDIM8127-9 Paul & Laura -SDIM8125-8 Paul & Laura_DSC1364-11 Paul & Laura_DSC1362-10 Paul & Laura_DSC1351-4 Paul & Laura_DSC1349-3 Paul & Laura_DSC1344-4 Paul & Laura -SDIM7991-2 Paul & Laura -SDIM8125-8 Paul & Laura -SDIM8136-1 Paul & Laura -SDIM8154-3 Paul & Laura_DSC1340-1 Paul & Laura -SDIM7946-5 Paul & Laura -SDIM7943-3 Paul & Laura -SDIM7945-4 Paul & Laura -SDIM7954-6 Paul & Laura -SDIM7992-4 Paul & Laura -SDIM7901-1 Paul & Laura -SDIM7906-3 Paul & Laura -SDIM8141-2 Paul & Laura -SDIM7977-7

Can Not Beat A Good Wedding

So I attended a family wedding, and I just cant resist taking my camera so I was the photographer for the wedding, as the couple didn’t want many posed images they were more interested in candid images not the more formal posed ones so here are a few from the day.

Mark & Caroline B&W_SDI7450-1 Mark & Caroline_SDI7484-2 Mark & Caroline_SDI7488-3 Mark & Caroline_SDI7494-4 Mark & Caroline_SDI7498-5 Mark & Caroline_SDI7517-6 Mark & Caroline_SDI7527-7 Mark & Caroline_SDI7529-8 Mark & Caroline_SDI7630-9 Mark & Caroline_SDI7738-10

Trying Something Different

So the NDH Hamsterley Forest TT was on, last Sunday I like my Sigma camera as the images I can get with it are excellent but I do find the weight off it can become very hard on my arms after a while especially with being a Magnesium Alloy body coupled with a good lens the weight can became, well heavy, we have been buying our youngest son the entry level Nikon D3200, with the standard kit lens for his school projects and that fact he is interested in photography as well, so I decided to test the camera with the standard lens out at the mountain bike TT , and I was surprised how well it performed and the quality of the images it produced with the standard kits lens these are just a few of the images I took with the Nikon D3200.

Nikon D3200 Lens 18 – 55, F3.5 – 5.6.

Nikonn D3200

NDH Hamsterley TT_DSC1162-219 NDH Hamsterley TT_DSC1130-189 NDH Hamsterley TT_DSC1144-202 NDH Hamsterley TT_DSC1077-141 NDH Hamsterlerly TT_DSC1180-237 NDH Hamsterley TT_DSC1122-182 NDH Hamsterley TT_DSC1031-96 NDH Hamsterley TT_DSC0981-46 NDH Hamsterley TT_DSC1024-89 NDH Hamsterley TT_DSC1072-136

Outdoor Model Shoot

Another great workshop with Chris Ord of North Corner Studio, this time just outside the studio using flashguns to light the subjects to give dramatic lighting effects with tones and shadows and to show that you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to achieve great results.

Thank you to Models Jennifer and Saoirse, for their patience

The images were shot with a Sigma SD1 Merrill and 17-50 Lens and the NIkon D3200 with the 50mm 1.8 Prime Lens.

Jennifer_DSC0927-22 Jennifer_DSC0929-23 Jennifer_SDI7790-17 Jennifer_SDI7792-18 Jennifer_SDI7800-19 Jennifer_SDI7827-25Saoirse_DSC0887-12 Saoirse_DSC0900-13 Saoirse_DSC0908-14 Saoirse_DSC0911-15 Saoirse_DSC0916-16 Saoirse_SDI7802-20 Saoirse_SDI7803-21 Saoirse_SDI7815-24

First Studio Shoot

So I have done my first studio shoot, which I did at the studio of Chris Ord of North Corner Studio, with the help of Chris with lighting set ups and advice. These are just some of the images from that shoot.

Many thanks to Charlotte the model for her patience

The images were shot with a Sigma SD1 Merrill and 17-50 Lens and the NIkon D3200 with the 50mm 1.8 Prime Lens.

Charlotte _SDI7772-2 Charlotte _SDI7777-3 Charlotte _SDI7781-4 Charlotte _SDI7786-5 Charlotte_DSC0784-1 Charlotte_DSC0803-6 Charlotte_DSC0804-7 Charlotte_DSC0809-8 Charlotte_DSC0833-9 Charlotte_DSC0877-10 Charlotte_DSC0882-11