I was offered the chance to come and take some photographs at a local bands practice session, as I had said I was wanting to expand my music photography portfolio. This is just a few of the images from the session.

Band Members, Colin Lynch, Geoff Rose, Micky Pearson, Peter Atherton, Neil Nattris


Kamino -SDB_9787Kamino -SDB_9797Kamino -SDB_9722Kamino -SDB_9755Kamino -SDB_9633Kamino -SDB_9693Kamino -SDB_9542Kamino -SDB_9557Kamino -SDB_9589Kamino -SDB_9518Kamino -SDB_9526



Home Studio

I think one of my biggest dilemmas has been do I need a studio to be successful. The answer is no it took me along time to figure out this most simple of questions really, I did a lot of internet searching on photographers and quite a lot use there homes as a studio clearing part of a room and setting up there backdrop and lights, it is easy to get drawn into to be professional you need a studio, don’t get me wrong one day I would like a studio and it would make life much easier having backdrops and whitewall and everything just ready to go, but sometimes you have to work with what you have. So I did my first family shoot and fancy dress shoot at my home. We decided to clear part of the lounge to set up the space was not huge but it was big enough to have a successful shoot and their is nothing like challenging yourself with a photoshoot of young children. I was told they would be shy when they first came in till they got used to me and relaxed, and then the fun began young children have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for doing things so it became quite a challenge to catch a nice pose or natural image of them when they were not bouncing and running around, fortunately the parents were on hand to help calm them down. I started by having my camera on the tripod but this turned out to be a mistake as by the time I had them in my view finder and adjusted they were doing something different. So the tripod was abandoned and hand held was was the option, it is nice to get images of children being themselves but it was nice to get some images of the children being calm, and you have to talk and look through the viewfinder at the same time to get the children to look at you as it only takes a split second to lose the chance of getting the image you see before they change expression or move. They say every photo shoot is an opportunity to learn and it certainly was I know what I would do different next time and you forget how much energy a 2 and 3yr old have especially since our own children are a lot older.

This is just a small selection from the two shoots I did with the girls and parents, for all the running round and excitement the photo shoots were a pleasure to do.

Sophia & Isabella -DSC_4737Sophia -DSC_4726Sophia -DSC_4942Sophia -DSC_5051Sophia -DSC_5075Family -DSC_4765Isabella & Sophia -DSC_4925Isabella & Sophia -DSC_5029Isabella -DSC_4950Isabella -DSC_5102










and. Another reason I decided to do a lot of my portrait work at home is to do with the fatigue of setting up a backdrop especially when it is vinyl and comes on an aluminum tube there is quite some weight in it and takes two to set up safely. I also use a pop up grey and blue backdrop that is large when expanded to say the least. I know they will fit in the space I have. Having a muscle condition makes the assembly tiring so at least at home I can set up the day before. Not all photo shoots require a backdrop set up, but for the ones that do I will mainly be working from home for now where

Dawning Light

It was July the weather was warm and the nights were long, being a photographer capturing the early morning light is one of the great things I like to do, but have never really caught a stunning sunrise they have always whimpered out from a promising start to heavy cloud destroying any chance of great colours. The evenings sunsets had been an abundance of colour so I decided to get up at 3am and drive through to South Shields and be set up ready for the breaking dawn light at just before 4am and catch the dawn through to sunrise, even if the early morning colours didn’t show I was sure I could capture some nice early morning images at the beach, even if it came to doing long exposures of the waves gently lapping onto the shore. I have had so many promising mornings in the past which have not gone to plan, but mother nature won’t be told when to give you the the skies you want. The early mornings can be hard when that alarm goes off, but the need to capture a sunrise and the way it fuels your passion and drive, gets you to pull yourself out of your bed for you know one day you will capture that dawn and sunrise that will make you go wow. And this was that morning after getting their and setting up, I could see the light starting to appear and the colours slowly starting to arrive in the clouds as the first rays of dawn light woke the early morning, starting with mainly reds and turning to pinks and other colours as we venture from dawn to sunrise as the sun started it’s lazy early morning climb from behind the pier wall to eventually take all the wondrous colour from the sky to leave a sky of clear bright light only to be witnessed by those who were about at this time of morning. So this is why my passion and dedication to get up early in the morning watching mother nature reward me with the sunrise I had been chasing for so long.

Groyne - 006Sunrise - 037

Flash, Camera, Pose

Just received my Pixapro Lumi 400 800Ws studio flash kit, to use at home and in other places. So decided to test it out on my oldest son theses are just a few of the images taken with the flashes.

I was also inspired by Light, a new camera technology that just hit the market. and their #VantagePoint project.

Karl B&W -DSC_2192Karl - SDIM8212Karl - SDIM8199Karl -SDIM8198Karl - SDIM8205Karl -DSC_2189

Ard Rock TT North Yorkshire

What a beautiful place North Yorkshire is, with a lovely drive to the parking area for the MTB  race, but the walk to the event was not so nice. The scenery was great but the half hour walk up a very steep hill took it’s toll on me and then the walk to get some images just about finished me off, but looking on the bright side the views were fantastic. I only managed about an hour on the hill as my legs just decided to stop working and I knew if I didn’t come back down then I would be in real difficulty with my walking so a limited number of images were taken. I will return next year but will be better prepared and planned for such a walk as I know what I will have to deal with to get there.ARD ROCK - SDIM5958-90 ARD ROCK -SDIM5871-8 ARD ROCK -SDIM5879-16 ARD ROCK -SDIM5890-26 ARD ROCK -SDIM5921-54 ARD ROCK -SDIM5912-46

Borderline UK Downhill RD2 Hamsterley Forest

The weather was not so kind as the Saturday started off with rain but managed to brighten towards the afternoon making the track quite muddy and slippy. Sunday race day was cloudy which made photographing quite difficult with the track mainly passing through enclosed forest with the available light being stopped by the trees finding a place to get good images was difficult, I eventually settled on a berm where there was less tree coverage and the light was able to get through. This is just a few images from the race.

Borderline DH Series RD-2 - SDIM5835-208 Borderline DH Series RD-2 - SDIM5654-30 Borderline DH Series RD-2 - SDIM5802-176 Borderline DH Series RD-2 - SDIM5741-116 Borderline DH Series RD-2 - SDIM5780-155 Borderline DH Series RD-2 - SDIM5834-207

2015 ND (H)uro, Hamsterley Forest Round 1

So I attended my first Mountain bike race at Hamsterley forest on Sunday, not knowing what to expect or whether I would get any good pictures, and wondering if I would be able to get to a good section with enough light to save me using my flash gun on the camera.As with my disability problems can cause it hard work or impossible to get to certain places. I must say a big thank you to Karl of Northern Downhill the organizer, who after talking to told me of a place I could park with not to far to walk. The event was well attended and the action was great to watch as people battled round the course as fast as possible putting in huge effort to combat the different terrains and conditions.

NDH Hamsterley Forest_SDI4162-120

NDH Hamsterley Forest_SDI4049-10

NDH Hamsterley Forest_SDI4020-50

NDH Hamsterley Forest_SDI3989-22

NDH Hamsterley Forest_SDI3984-17

NDH Hamsterley Forest_SDI4212-162

Night Of Music

A while back while on on a photography course at college, we were asked to photograph the bands and the solo artists at their evening showcase, this is just one or two from the evening.

Band_DSC0065-1 Guitar Man_DSC0022-1 Guitar Man_DSC0120-2 Guitar Solo_DSC0114-1 Singer Guitar Player_DSC0136-1 The Band_DSC0035-2 Trio_DSC0028-1

Riding In Hamsterley Forest Forest

Many hours of fun can be had in the Forest whether you are into Mountain Biking or walking, there is lots to do.Mountain Bike_SDI2053-11

Mountain Bike_SDI2055-12