Not To Little And Not To Much

f my wanders around the forest, I had walked this path many a time and just happened to glance to my right this one time to see this small amount of water cascading over the edge, so decided I would come back when the conditions were right for capturing it. Thing with waterfalls is they are either a small trickle due to lack of water or a massive torrent due to heavy amounts of rain. So I have been watching how much rain we have been having lately, so it rained last night again so I thought there would be a good chance that it would be flowing nicely, not a   torrent but a nice steady flow that would make for a good composition and a pleasing image, and I was not disappointed. I visited another waterfall in the forest that is quite well hidden which I have photographed before which was only a small trickle last time and this was flowing nicely as well. Only down side was I found out I had a split in my Muck Boots Wellies so ended up with a very wet foot, but a small price to pay for getting the image.

Hamsterley Forest Waterfall -SDIM9441
Newly discovered Waterfall wide angle shot.
Hamsterley Forest Waterfall -SDIM9432
Cascading down the rock face
Hamsterley Forest Waterfall -SDIM9463
Photographed again 

Forecast Heavy rain and reflections

Myself and my youngest son decided to have a look too the local BMX track, in the afternoon. As we travelled in the car getting closer to the track the skies were black and angry and it looked like they had already had heavy rain as the roads were covered in huge puddles. We decided to carry on and check out the track, once we arrived the track was wet with a few large puddles of water with the skies threading to open up again, but we decided to stay for a bit and have a ride around, taking a few pictures on my phone as he rode the Burms and curves. Always looking  for the image that will stand out from the rest having noticed a nice sized puddle I asked Neo to ride into the puddle and just sit as we waited for the water to settle and here we have the image quite pleased with it and we are planning another trip back with the camera to catch some more action orientated images 


Looking For The Autumn Colours

Out looking for autumn colours but unfortunately they are not out in their full range of colours yet, some places showing a beautiful array of colour but others still hanging onto the greens of summer very reluctant to let the colour green fade and turn into the beautiful autumn colours that we enjoy at this time of year. So here is an image of Harthope Burn, in St Johns Chapel taken the other day when out looking for the colours of autumn as the water runs fast after a night of rain and the autumn colours elude me. For Know.

Harthope Burn_SDI3408-1